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Learn how to engineer your own longevity playbook from start to finish with Peter Attia’s one-of-a-kind program.

Your Journey in the Program

Early is a program of action. We built Early to guide you through the process of doing the work. The work Peter does with patients in his practice. The work you’ll need to do to live the healthiest, longest life possible. Each lesson (theory) in the program is designed to set up an activity (practice) that moves you closer to your goals – you’ll learn and then do.

1. Define your “why

Building and maintaining motivation to do the work required is the first step. It serves as the catalyst for starting the journey and, more importantly, a reminder to stick with it over long periods of time.

Guided activities you’ll complete:

  • Your Timeline Exercise
  • Your Marginal Decade Exercise

2. Gather your data

This is a fact-finding mission. To build your personalized longevity plan, you must first gather all of the relevant data to understand your current health status and identify the risks, specific to you, that are potential threats in your future.

Guided activities you’ll complete:

  • Family History Exercise
  • Lab Trends Sheet
  • Understanding Labs Cheat Sheet
  • DEXA Scan Analysis
  • VO2 Max Analysis
  • Cancer Screening Analysis
  • Cardiac Diagnostics Analysis

3. Analyze your findings

Based on the data you collect, a picture will begin to form about your near- and long-term risks. The culmination of this assessment will result in your Longevity Risk Assessment (LRA).

Guided activities you’ll complete:

  • Longevity Risk Assessment

4. Build your personalized plans

Informed by your LRA, you’ll build personalized plans in each of the 5 tactical domains – exercise, nutrition, sleep, medications & supplements, and emotional health. These plans will be focused on improving your current health status, preventing future risks specific to you, and moving you toward the goals defined in your Marginal Decade Exercise.

Guided activities you’ll complete:

  • Exercise plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Sleep plan
  • Medications & supplements plan
  • Emotional health plan

Create the future you want

The Early program brings Peter’s patient experience to you. You’ll learn the theory and practice of the applied science of longevity, and build your own, personalized, end-to-end longevity playbook.

Program Outcomes

Optimize your chance of living the longest, healthiest life you can

How can you live better, for longer?

Through a structured set of activities, simulated patient conversations, and original video content, Early will guide you through a one-of-a-kind journey empowering you to to take charge of your longevity.

  1. Peter’s core frameworks: everything you need to know on longevity
  2. Guided activities to create personalized plans across all aspects of Peter’s longevity program
  3. 25 hours of original, structured video content
  4. 100’s of hours of additional resources to dive deeper into topics of interest

Develop a detailed understanding of your personal risk factors

What are the risks – specific to you – that stand in the way of your achieving your longevity goals?

Utilizing resources developed in Peter’s private practice, you will build a nuanced, personalized understanding of the risks that you will need to manage on your longevity journey.

  1. Personalized dashboard synthesizing the risks to your longevity
  2. Review of the most common disease processes, their prevention, and their treatments
  3. Detailed family history activity to help understand your genetic risk factors
  4. List of labs and reference ranges from Peter’s practice
  5. A labs cheat sheet to help with the interpretation of your results
  6. Detailed cancer screening recommendations

Build an end-to-end playbook for living your longest and healthiest life

What must you do in order to manage your risks to achieve your longevity goals?

Whether you are just starting your longevity journey, or have been focusing on it for decades, Early will guide you through the creation of a personalized plan across each of Peter’s five tactical domains.

  1. Protocol to assess your current tactics
  2. Plan for optimized sleep
  3. Personalized nutrition plan
  4. Personalized exercise programming
  5. Peter’s framework for drugs and supplements
  6. Emotional health toolbox

An organized, actionable path to optimizing your longevity

What does it really mean to optimize your longevity? We define longevity as a function of two things: lifespan (how long you live) and healthspan (how well you live). Longevity is not just about living longer, it’s about reducing the amount of time you spend in the final stages of decline by “squaring your longevity curve.”

Through Early you will learn what to do in order to live a longer, better life.

Limited Enrollment

Invest in yourself. Join Early.

Early addresses the most essential question you are confronted with in life — how can I live better for longer? For those willing to do the work, this program is fully capable of changing the trajectory of both your healthspan and your lifespan.

Early Program

June 2024 Cohort

Peter discuss the cost and value of Early

Peter answers questions about Early

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Early?
At its core, Early is an intensive 12-module program that provides you with the education and tools necessary to engineer your own longevity playbook from start to finish. 

Early is sui generis. It has no peer. This does not mean there are no other places to find information related to the applied science of longevity. It means that we are unaware of any other means by which one can learn, in a complete and comprehensive way and, most importantly, translate that learning into actionable steps to achieve the desired outcome – living better and living longer.

Why did you create Early?

Early was created as a response to one of the most common questions we have been asked over the past few years: “How can I become a patient in your practice?” 

The answer to this question is that, for many reasons, the practice cannot accommodate a large number of patients.

So, while there is no direct doctor/patient relationship with Peter or our clinical staff, Early aims to be the next best thing – an organized, exhaustive, and actionable plan designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your own longevity journey.

Why is it called Early?

The name Early came from one of our patients, and it refers to two very important things about anyone’s health journey: 1) the importance of being early to act, and 2) being early to adopt new knowledge.

Program Content

How is Early different from the podcast, weekly newsletter, and everything else currently available?

There are many ways in which Early differentiates itself from the podcast and newsletter; however, the most significant difference is its purpose. 

The purpose of the podcast is to learn from subject matter experts on various topics related to longevity. The podcast does not follow an organizational pattern and it can be difficult for someone to make sense of the previous five years worth of content.  

This is where Early departs from our typical content. It is purposefully organized around an objective. The objective is to provide each participant with the information and tasks, in chronological order, necessary to change the arc of their healthspan and lifespan.

The 12 modules are structured, both in terms of video content and written content, to take you through a journey similar to that which a patient might experience in our practice. 

The most important element that we’ve built into Early is actionable content. Over the years, we have heard from many listeners of the podcast, especially in response to very technical content, that it is difficult to know how to act on what they have learned. Early is our response to this concern and is designed to be highly actionable.

Do I get direct contact with Peter or one of the physicians through Early?

As much as we wish that our clinical team could treat each of our dedicated supporters, this is simply not possible. Enrollment in Early does not provide a direct relationship between participants and Peter, or our clinical team, and no doctor/patient relationship is formed.

With that said, Early was designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate your own longevity journey without a physician, when possible. The program also aims to help you skillfully navigate your interactions with the medical system, when necessary.

How much content is in the program?

Early consists of more than 100 videos, totaling more than 25 hours of original content, available exclusively in the Early program, and hundreds of supporting documents and resources that help you apply what you have learned in your own life.

How long does it take to go through Early?

This will be different for everyone. The time each participant can dedicate to the program material on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is variable.

Early was designed to take approximately 1 year to go through, and act on, the material provided. Some modules (12 in total) will take longer than others. Some participants may spend more time in certain modules than others based on their individual needs, or challenges they uncover in the process. With that said, the Early program is best viewed as a lifelong endeavor. Our health and circumstances change as time passes and Early is a resource you can come back to indefinitely. Longevity is a process, rather than a destination, and Early can serve as the post to which you tether your longevity journey.

You will get the most out of this program if you go through it in chronological order (don’t skip ahead), and take the time necessary to ensure you understand the content and complete the action items associated with each module.

Is Early applicable for anyone regardless of age or sex?

Yes. We designed Early to have broad application for people of different ages, current health statuses, predispositions, and more. Generally speaking, everyone should be able to benefit from the program material.

With that said, it is unlikely you’ll find your exact set of health circumstances addressed in the program. Rather, our hope is that you’ll see you have something in common with each of the scenarios presented in the program and, in turn, be able to string those commonalities together to engineer a longevity playbook that is tailored to you, specifically.

Can I get value from the content if I don’t live in the U.S.?

Yes. The videos and associated content in Early will work for people anywhere in the world. In module 5 of the program we provide a few resources to help people run their labs if they are not able to do them through their doctor (at direct cost to the user). At this time, these resources are only available for people living in the U.S.


How much is this program?

Early is a one-time fee of $2,500 USD.

Why does it cost more than other online health programs, is it really worth that much?

We spent a great deal of time thinking through pricing for Early. It is not lost on us that the price exceeds other online “health programs.” However, Early is not like other programs, for the reasons stated above.

Early addresses the most essential question you are confronted with in life—how can you live better for longer? For those willing to do the work, this program is fully capable of changing the trajectory of both your healthspan and your lifespan.

We can’t tell you whether or not the benefits of this program outweigh the cost, especially if you amortize them over your life as you should amortize the benefits over your life. Only you can make that assessment. However, we can say with certainty that we designed this program specifically with the goal that the answer to that question would be a resounding “Yes.”

Are the cost of labs included in the program?

In module 5 of Early, we provide a list of labs that we typically run on our patients, the reference ranges that we like to see, and a template for you to track your data based on past results and any future labs you decide to run. The cost of running these labs is not included in the program.

For U.S.-based customers, we’ve provided options for getting these labs if you are not able to do them through your doctor, including one option which offers labs at provider-pricing. Note that your ability to access these services varies state-to-state depending on the laws of your state. For all these options, we want to be very clear we do not stand to profit or benefit financially from the referral whatsoever. We receive zero kickback from any lab. 

Does the one-time fee provide access to the content for a defined period of time? Will the content continually be updated as new information is known?

The one-time fee provides for ongoing access to the Early content as it is currently structured, and is not an ongoing subscription charge. Our vision is to continually evolve this product with additional content and, more importantly, additional capabilities to assist you in achieving your longevity goals. At this time, we’re not 100% sure what that looks like. One of the reasons we want to get the program launched is so that we can get real-world feedback on where you might struggle in achieving your longevity goals so that we may better support you. 

Be Early. It will change your life.

Early is terrific. It consolidates Peter’s work and fills in gaps from other formats in a way that is easily understandable, actionable, and can be translated into each family member’s personal situation.  For those of us who can’t have Peter as their physician, Early is the next best thing.

Program participant

I have been a Drive listener since episode 18 and have loved every minute of it. Early is a completely different experience that is proving to be hugely valuable to me. Thanks for all of the tremendous work that has gone into it.  It is worth every penny!

Program participant

Really enjoying the program so far. I’m pretty deep in much of the content from Peter’s and other podcasts and was a bit worried I wouldn’t get anything “new” for my investment however, I’m impressed with the program and the incremental information on the Early approach and tools.  Really brings the “how to” to the forefront!

Program participant

Chart your path to longevity

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